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did not even get stuck. it just brushed up against a bank in the sacramento river. >> reporter: but this latest incident is by no means minor. and now the board, the coast guard and the ntsb are all trying to get to the bottom of it. and we are back here live where you can see the oil tanker remains anchored here in the bay tonight. it's unclear how long it will be here, but most certainly during the initial stages of this investigation. now, the u.s. coast guard also confirms tonight that drug and alcohol tests were performed on the pilot. the results of the alcohol tests have come back. and we are told they came back negative. reporting live on treasure island, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> jodi, thank you. the question is fairly simple. how did this happen again? big changes were made after the tanker hit the bay bridge five years ago. most of those changes deal with where the ships can and cannot go during times of low
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visibility on the bay, but the bay bridge has no such restrictions. nbc bay area's arturo santiago soins joins us. what now? what changes can be made? >> reporter: the san francisco harbor safety committee, u.s. coast guard and a number of other agencies and experts will now have to not only have to figure out how the overseas raymar hit the bay bridge, you about they also now have to review and improve on their harbor safety plans. after the bridge was hit back in november 2007, the governor ordered agencies to come up with a new plan to keep both the ships and the bay safe. part of what resulted were guidelines for large ships operating in reduced visibility. basically, there are nine so-called critical maneuvering areas in which ships are not allowed to set sail when there's no more than a half mile of visibility. now, according to the watchdog group san francisco bay keeper, there was only a quarter mile of visibility at the bay bridge yesterday morning.
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officials say that this means this accident exposed a big gap in the san francisco harbor committee's safety plan. >> for example, that shipping channel from the bay bridge to the oakland estuary is definitely covered by this visibility restriction. however, it looked like maybe the bay bridge itself is not part of the restrictions. >> reporter: now, deb is also on the harbor safety committee which meets this thursday. she tells me they cannot make any changes until the issue is put on the agenda. so they are hoping to do it by their next meeting next month. and they're not only going to be looking at those critical maneuvering areas and the bay bridge itself but the harbor safety committee is also going to be reviewing its entire safety plan to see if there are any more gaps. we're live in san francisco, i'm arturo santiago, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. we have continuing coverage of the story including live streaming news conferences, raw
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video and close-up pictures of the damage. you'll find it on our website, weather whiplash. a live look outside from our high-definition towercams. they show a beautiful and warmer day, but that is about to change. chief meteorologist jeff ra rainieri tells us when to expect the changes. >> it felt like an early spring day for anywhere across the north bay, east bay and south bay. skycam networks also with plenty of sunshine. half moon bay with 66 degrees. that was one of our warmest, sunnyvale, 63, san jose, 61. look at that, by thursday, temperatures likely dropping into the 40s for daytime highs across parts of the north bay where santa rosa could go down to 49. we have this huge dome of cold air that's going to be sliding in from the gulf of alaska. that mainly arriving wednesday night into thursday for some of the coldest air of the season. we'll have a chance here with isolated showers and extremely
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low snow levels. in fact, snow levels could go as low as 1,000 feet. we're not expecting several inches, just a dusting at this point, but it looks like that can happen at twin peaks, skyline boulevard, highway 17 and mission peak back into the ea bay. so we'll talk more about this ever-changing forecast over the next seven days. and we'll have details on what all this means for the upcoming weekend in a few minutes. now to big-city politics. san jose is looking for a new top cop, but even before they've made this hire, the city is being criticized. at issue, the questions that the city council plans to ask the candidates for police chief. we bring in nbc bay area's maryann favreau who joins us at police headquarters. the council wants to fast track this process. are there any major roadblocks here? >> reporter: well, not at this point. they haven't even received the top candidate yet, but i can tell you that this process is moving very fast because chief moore is leaving the job on january 18th.
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the goal is for the city manager to present a top candidate to the city council by the end of this month. the new chief will be tackling high crime and low morale, all on a shrinking budget. today the city manager asked the council to approve questions for the new candidate that address everything from working with police unions to community policing but the president of the san jose police officers association called them softball questions. >> didn't see one word about murder. didn't see one word about rising crime rates, didn't see the word "exodus." we've had hundreds of officers leave over the last few years. >> reporter: he says what the department needs is a leader who will stand up to the mayor and council. and that's not a question the council will ask in its quest to find a new chief. chris mohr leaves the job as chief after less than two years, and some say that's the big question the council really needs to ask a candidate is how
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long do you plan to stay here at this department? reporting live in san jose, maryann favreau, nbc bay area news. tonight we're awaiting autopsy results of a petaluma teenager found dead in south lake tahoe last week. police say alyssa burn got lost new year's eve after leaving the snow globe music festival on the south shore. it was colder than ten degrees that night. a utility worker found burns' body on the side of a road four days later. tests will determine if alcohol or drugs were in her system. investigators do not suspect any foul play. in san francisco, a man suspected of setting his girlfriend on fire is now under arrest. officers and u.s. marshals found 22-year-old dexter oliver at an oakland hotel on monday. we spoke to a source inside the marshal's office who told us, quote, it was good old-fashioned police work that led us to his location. meantime 25-year-old starr lamar remains in critical unit at st.
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francis hospital. she has severe burns to her face and chest. family members say oliver doused lamar with gasoline and set her on fire after she broke up with him sunday. on the second day of his visit to north korea, google's executive chairman spotted something pretty rare, university students who don't logon to the web for fun. they're among the few north koreans who can openly access the internet which they use only for studies. google chairman air ieric schmi in north korea with bill richardson. part of their trip is to advocate for the release of a korean-american. connect your phone to your vacuum? yeah, seems like it's from "the jetsons," but soon you may be able to take advantage of this technology. scott budman is on the floor of the consumer electronics show in las vegas with more. good evening, scott. >> reporter: good evening, janelle and raj. this is expected to be the biggest ces ever in terms of
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people and the number of gadgets on the floors. our appetite in these things continues to stay steady. we begin tonight with the company that has been building a base in the bay area lately. now it wants to be inside your home. ♪ with somewhere close to 150,000 people getting their first shot at literally thousands of new gadgets, we found one company specifically targeting the bay area, samsung, building and hiring in silicon valley as we speak, and as you know, giving apple's iphone a run for its mobile money. but samsung has a much larger plan than just phones. it wants to be all over your house. >> the thing about this refrigerator is our system. >> reporter: like this refrigerator. not merely used to keep things cool. also used to keep you informed. >> our new refrigerator has a screen on it. you can use it as a baby monitor. maybe you want to look up
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recipes or listen to pandora while you're cooking. all that can be done. >> reporter: and while the company gave us a sneak peek into its next-generation mouse which you'll control with hand gestures, it also fired up its newest vacuum cleaner because when you think about devices communicating with wi-fi, you undoubtedly think about your vacuum cleaner, right? >> our new vacuum cleaner does have a camera on it. and you can control it from your samsung smartphone. so when someone spills the chips at my house, nobody get up. i'll just have the vacuum come out and we'll take care of that one, two, three. >> reporter: take that, iphone. actually, all this interconnectivity does remind us a little bit of apple. >> apple's ecosystem in the ipad and iphone. samsung has the potential to do it in your entire house. >> reporter: you're already connected with your friends. soon you'll connect with your home. among the gadgets we see here at
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this year's ces, this is a speaker that will play under water. you can connect all sorts of wires and gandgets to it. we have a scale. it will connect to your iphone. it's digital. if you gain weight, it will frown. if you lose, it will smile. this one comes from intel. we have an antimicrobial footbacleaner to keep your screen clean. just like last year, the tv sets are big, but there's a different spin on sets of the future. we'll bring you that tonight at 6:00. live from las vegas, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> scott may never come back to the bay area. >> if he does, bring gadgets. thanks, scott. what's popular than cockroaches and root canal but more popular than the kardashians? coming up, a new poll reveals how disliked congress is. the link between diet drinks
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and depression. the new information that could help you feel happier.
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today marks two years since a mass shooting killed six people and injured a dozen others including former congresswoman gabrielle giffords. giffords was at a political meet and greet event in tucson, arizona, when jared loughner started shooting. today giffords, a gun owner, announced an initiative aimed at cushing gun violence. in a report published in "usa today," giffords and her husband say the group americans for responsible solutions will help raise money to support greater gun-control efforts. some new information out today that links sweetened beverages especially diet drinks to an increased risk of depression. researchers from the national institutes of health tracked more than 250,000 adults, then followed up ten years later. people who drank more than four cans a day of soda, iced tea or punch were at least 30% more
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likely to develop depression than those who drank none. that risk was even higher for people who drank diet beverages. over the past two decades, roughly 5,000 bow scout boy sco risen to eagle scout. >> each one of them has george maher to thank for it, even in a small way, but it's george's own eagle scout award that's at the heart of tonight's bay area proud. our garvin thomas joins us now with his story. >> janelle, for those 20 years, george maher has volunteered for the advancement team, double checking applications, filing awards. because of that perhaps no one better knows what it takes to be an eagle scout than george. well, that and the fact he completed all the requirements himself more than 60 years ago. which is why what happened this weekend is so special. and tonight's bay area proud. >> reporter: spend enough time around enough boy scouts like they do at the pacific skyline headquarters in foster city and
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they say you can always spot the eagles. it's not the pin on the chest or the patch on the sleeve, though. it's something special. on the inside. it's something anyone who's ever known george maher says is inside him. it's why when mark manchester started work here last year and met george, he didn't even ask george if he were an eagle scout. >> i didn't ask if. i just said george, what year did you get your eagle scout? >> and i said it should have been march 10th, 1944. >> reporter: should have because he never officially was an eagle scout. he had all the merit badges, sure. but in the middle of his board of review hearing, the very last step needed before becoming an eagle scout, george's mother interrupted the meeting. >> she told me my father was not doing well. and she was heading to the hospital. and i didn't say anything. i just grabbed my stuff and i
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said, we're going. >> reporter: george's father died later that day. and within a matter of weeks, george was in the south pacific fighting the japanese -- >> a violent typhoon -- >> reporter: -- and the weather. it was during one typhoon in particular that george was tossed about the deck so violently, he lost his wallet containing his life card, the only written proof of his boy scout accomplishments. george returned to the states, got married, raised a family and did write one letter to the boy scouts asking about his award. >> and the letter that i wrote was returned to me, addressee unknown. that's it. i'm out of luck. >> reporter: and that was that. until that day last year when george told mark his story. this time mark sent some letters off himself. these were returned with a very different message. >> it was the letter saying that i am an eagle scout. and they gave me the date of
5:17 pm
march 10th, 1944. and there wasn't a dry eye in the place. >> reporter: george had always told himself the eagle scout thing didn't bother him too much, but perhaps down deep, it really did. >> on my honor, i will do my best. >> on my honor, i will do my best. >> reporter: which is why this past sunday meant so much. 68 years, 9 months and 7 days late, george maher got his pin, his patch, got what he had earned. ultimately what's in your chest matters so much more than what's on it. in george maher's case, though, those two finally match. >> nothing could make that story better, right? i wanted the story to keep going. did you see the young man who pinned the eagle scout medal on george? that's his grandson, he became an eagle scout last year. >> such a great story. so touching. how did you find out about this
5:18 pm
story? >> some friends associated with the boy scouts let me know that this was coming up. they knew it was something special and deserved some coverage. >> thanks for sharing it. >> thank you, garvin. a beautiful day. warm. >> let's bring in jeff. how we looking, jeff? >> we're looking pretty good. numbers anywhere five to ten degrees above averages for this time of year. half moon bay topping out at 66. sunnyvale, 63. a lot of sunshine for you after some of that morning fog. san jose, 61 and also santa rosa at 60. hd sky cam. a lot of pink in the sky tonight, yes, another winter. from emeryville back towards san francisco, we do have that poor to moderate air quality that's creating these incredible sunsets, traffic never even looked so good here across the san mateo bridge for tonight. we do have some changes coming your way. we termed it weather whiplash earlier, and it's most appropriate. we have this huge dome of cold air sitting out in the pacific. it's going to push all of that mild air we had at least over the past few days and pushing
5:19 pm
off to the south and east. as this arrives, not only the coldest air of the season but likely the coldest air in the past year. temperatures over the next two days going to drop some 20 degrees. we're even going to struggle to get out of the 40s throughout thursday's forecast. tomorrow is a transitional day. we'll start to see numbers drop five to ten degrees. throughout thursday, that increasing chance of rain. tomorrow we start off with the cloud cover. then as we head throughout the day, just a slight chance of a shower throughout the afternoon. then as we head throughout thursday, what we're going to find is rainfall developing here across the peninsula at 6:00 and 7:00 in the morning. that's not only when we have the chance of showers but extremely low snow across the bay area. look at this. could get down to 1,000 feet, that snow level. we may actually get a few snow flurries at twin peaks in san francisco. even though it's not 1,000 feet, it's going to come very close as we head throughout thursday morning. otherwise for tonight, plenty of low to mid-30s expected up across the north bay, 33 in
5:20 pm
napa. 42 in san jose. daytime highs for tomorrow dropping by about ten degrees. plenty of low to mid-50s. 52 santa rosa, 53 san jose. 54 los gatos and 55 in redwood city. three-day forecast, stray shower possible for wednesday. that low snow and also a few showers here across the bay area for thursday. then as we head throughout friday, dry with some sunshine. a frosty start to the morning. temperatures in the 20s and 30s. and it stays dry for saturday as well and even into sunday. the other thing over the next couple of days if we don't have enough for wednesday, thursday and friday, king tides will return. some of the highest tides of the year expected here as we head throughout wednesday, thursday and friday. so if you live near the coastline, not the best day to be out in the water so you'll need the jacket and also the umbrella as well with some of those raindrops. >> watch from afar. >> yes. a lot going on. >> thanks, jeff. we'll be right back. so... [ gasps ]
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these are sandra's "homemade" yummy, scrumptious bars. hmm? i just wanted you to eat more fiber.
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chewy, oatie, gooeyness... and fraudulence. i'm in deep, babe. you certainly are. [ male announcer ] fiber one. [ man ] excuse me miss. [ gasps ] this fiber one 90 calorie brownie has all the deliciousness you desire. the brownie of your dreams is now deliciously real. back up the truck.
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we have a special delivery. a new wing for team oracle's 72-foot boat. it arrived in the bay area today. take a look. it came from new zealand. this is from oracle's damaged catamaran. this video was seen around the world. you might recall, there it goes, last august. the wing was shredded when the catamaran capsized during a training run near the golden gate bridge. the team was preparing for this summer's america's cup race. the boat could be ready to sail again next month. well, the new congress wasn't popular, but this is really bad. >> a new poll from public policy polling shows americans have a more favorable view of traffic jams, colonoscopies and genghis khan than they do of congress. root canals also went higher than congressional leaders. >> brussels sprouts? >> yes. washington did, however, rank better than some other things. americans prefer congress over the kardashians, telemarketers and playground bullies.
5:24 pm
>> there is hope still. we'll be right back. ♪
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secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it.
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we have a lot more news coming in the next 90 minutes. >> jessica aguirre has the rundown. >> 2012 was the hottest year on record. "nightly news" examines what's going on. the change that could be coming to your favorite cafe. those stories and more when i join raj at 6:00. >> thank you. we'll all be here at 6:00. "nightly news" is next. >> good night.
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extreme measures as emergency rooms across this country are overwhelmed by the severe flu outbreak. some are forced to turn patients away. others are forced to treat patients in tents in the parking lot. historic heat in a year of wild weather, turns out we shattered the record books and in one place extreme heat has redrawn the map. the fight over guns after so much tragedy, new voices joining the call for action now, as the white house prepares its battle plan. and paying the price, why millions of american families will be paying a lot more for health care if some big insurance companies get their way. insurance companies get their way. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television good evening. when we talk about flu season

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